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Adventure Awaits!

Operating since 2013, Sitnalta is dedicated to underwater education, exploration, and preservation with exemplary dive training and travel. We certify new divers through PADI, the most globally recognized diver's training agency.  Interested in taking your training further?  We can help get you there safely and effectively.  We do not pride ourselves on the quantity of divers certified. Instead, we judge our work by the caliber of your skills at the end of training and the joy you took away from your experience and into your future dives.

Since diving stands as a sport not constrained to only oceans, Sitnalta Dive Services operates a sister operation and travel Blog known on YouTube as Drive-To-Dive. If you are interested in off-road adventure to find remote alpine lakes or to explore an off-grid body of water feature that may have an interesting history, Drive-To-Dive aims to marry outdoor adventure with the love of underwater exploration. For example, the photo featured in the background was an overland adventure to find an access point to a deep lake in northern Idaho to find a sunken train resting around 100ft/30m down. Plan an expedition with us to head into the wild and explore the unknown depths.

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